2016 - 2021 Strategic Plan

the Future

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Our contract with society

Strategy is about choice, and the process has posed questions that assess critical decisions at the interface between societal requirements, Faculty capabilities and collective sector capacity for change. We have explored how to develop our training programs to support effective care in an evolving heath system, how to promote continued advances in research and efficient translation of new knowledge to patient care, and how to align our teams and processes to enable academic and clinical contributions.

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"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well."

William Osler

New and innovative solutions are required to enable faculty renewal and strategic investment.

We will work with our provincial partners to align priorities, capabilities and accountabilities for collective success.


Teach, develop and mentor practitioners and scientists so that they can work together effectively in an evolving system.

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Facilitate knowledge creation, translation and exchange to gain insight and promote improved outcomes in patient and public health.

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Create a working environment that inspires innovation, strengthens academic and operational affiliation, and foster agility.

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Shape practices and policies for improved care of the population across the province through collective system leadership.

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We have an unprecedented opportunity to define the future of medicine and the future of our Faculty. Download our Strategic Plan to learn more.

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Special thanks to the hundreds of faculty, staff and students across the province who have contributed to the development of this plan.