Development of the Plan

The Faculty of Medicine launched its refreshed strategic plan, Building the Future: 2021-2026, in July 2021.

Since Building the Future was first published in 2016, the context in which we learn and work has shifted and new priorities have emerged. During this time, we also developed our vision for the Faculty of Medicine and defined our organizational values through broad engagement with our community.

In our updated strategic plan, Building the Future: 2021-2026, we recommit to our contract with society and complement it with a new contract with ourselves. These companion contracts speak to our commitment to serving society and treating one another with dignity and respect.

Our success in implementing the previous strategic plan has set a firm foundation on which this refreshed plan builds. By consulting broadly, analyzing our progress, and considering other timely and influential documents, we have set our organizational priorities for the next five years in the form of updated goals and strategies in each of our pillars: Education, Research, Organization, and Partnership.

Planning Process

The Faculty of Medicine vision and values were inputs into this planning process. We placed them at the centre of the process, and built out from there.

We reviewed our progress towards the previous plan and identified areas for new or ongoing focus based on our current context and ambitions for the future. We engaged broadly across the Faculty of Medicine community through over 30 separate consultations, including a Faculty-wide town hall. We also engaged several partner organizations through the process. Through each consultation, we refined our refreshed goals and strategies.

Flowchart showing the timeline for the development and launch of the refreshed strategic plan


Following the launch of the refreshed plan, our focus shifts to action. This process involves identifying concrete actions to advance each strategy and developing indicators to help monitor our progress.

Several activities related to implementing the previous strategic plan also remain underway.

To learn how we’re putting our strategic plan into action, visit Stories and Updates.

Building the Future: 2021–2026 is the refreshed strategic plan for UBC’s Faculty of Medicine.

Special thanks to all the faculty, staff, students and partners across the province who have contributed to the development of this plan.