Vision and Values


Transforming health for everyone.

Our vision is the focal point of our strategic plan. It’s about creating pathways to better health and well‑being in communities at home and around the world, for everyone—regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, location, socioeconomic means or ability.

As an internationally-leading Faculty of Medicine, we put people, patients, families and communities at the centre of our work.

Our mission, health through knowledge and innovation, provides focus in our efforts to achieve this vision.

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Regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions.


The quality of being honest, ethical and truthful.


The act of showing kindness and empathy to others.


Working together with an individual or group of people towards achieving a common goal by sharing ideas, skills and actions.


Presence of fair and just processes that promote access to opportunities by providing support based on individual and group needs.

Our organizational values emerged through broad engagement with the Faculty of Medicine community across the province. These values, and the ethical foundations upon which they are based, are embedded in our commitments, goals and strategies, and will guide the actions we take to implement this plan.

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Building the Future: 2021–2026 is the refreshed strategic plan for UBC’s Faculty of Medicine.

Special thanks to all the faculty, staff, students and partners across the province who have contributed to the development of this plan.