2016 - 2021 Strategic Plan

As a provincial Faculty stretched across the diverse and vast landscape of British Columbia, we must work together with renewed and shared purpose to bring innovation to our operations, reimagining communication, collaboration, and our collective impact.

Goal: Creation of a working environment that inspires innovation, strengthens academic and operational affiliation, and fosters agility

Develop a communication strategy to foster engagement and inclusivity across the Faculty and its stakeholders.

We will focus efforts on creating clear external awareness and understanding of the Faculty and its role in society. Equally importantly, we must build an integrated Faculty community through meaningful engagement across clinical faculty, academic faculty, staff and learners.

Ensure strategic faculty renewal to enable excellence in education and research.

Faculty renewal is critical to our success, and we will work with our colleagues across the University, for whom this is also a top priority, to attract and channel funding and to manage the systemic conditions surrounding successful renewal and recruitment.

Clarify governance accountabilities and simplify processes to enable decision making.

We will ensure strong representation and interface across three organizational dimensions (portfolio, discipline and region); create single-point accountability in leadership roles; and reduce operational redundancy and free faculty capacity for academic contribution.

Create functional academic groupings to facilitate coherence, collaboration and operational support.

It is critical to create closer academic and administrative alignment across UBC Departments to enable: enhanced operational support to Department leadership; best practice sharing and conjoint program growth; more effective representation in Faculty governance; and improved regional and system coordination.

Embed wellbeing and leadership development to improve personal and collective effectiveness.

We will take a more deliberate approach to organization development, embracing both training and mentorship to strengthen leadership capability and to help facilitate academic and systemic change.

We must also actively promote wellbeing, as well as faculty and staff diversity, to enhance our productivity and our working environment. UBC’s current focus on strengthening the culture of excellence across the University provides valuable institutional context and capacity.